Why do I need a reviewer? The importance of peer-review

It’s all about prep work!

Has your text been written by a native, a non-native or been localised for instance in English to ensure its translation into a larger number of languages?

It is common knowledge and belief that the better prepared one is, the higher the chances of success.

It is thus important before you submit a text for translation to ensure it is grammar perfect and typo-, mistake-, error-free, while style and form reads like being written by a native.
Far from being an optional step one could consider skipping, ensuring the source text you submit is perfect has two main advantages:

1-Your source text will most probably be the text your visitors will cast a glance at before looking for its localized version in their language. Ensuring its perfection and “catchiness”, will entice potential visitors and clients to go and look for further information about you, your company, products and services offered.

2-From a translation point of view, it will also prevent you having to answer multiple queries down the line by as many translators as your decide to localize your text into

So who to turn to but 2,000 translators proficient in over 30 languages, all working into their native idioms?

Precise, experienced, experts and professionals are only a few of the qualifiers that can best describe the linguists working here.

More than detecting typos…

Reviewers play a very important part in the localization process as they stand as the last safeguards before publication.
Revision goes beyond “just” the proofreading of a text for typos, grammar and punctuation; it addresses questions of style, tone, format, etc. Reviewers will cast a fresh eye on the localized text to ensure consistency with your requirements. They will also help towards ensuring that your localized project reads as if written by a native.

Why privileging peer-review?

Peer-reviewed means that a project has been evaluated and critiqued by fellows and experts in the same field before it is released to you, the client. A reviewer, who also is a dedicated translator in the said language pair, can conduct the revision of the text made available to him in order to make corrections and include suggestions that will make such text stronger, at times incorporating previously overlooked ideas and/or addressing other concerns.

In the business world, one is more inclined to trust a well-dressed, well-mannered, well-spoken professional, make sure your source text presents the same and call for our review services, pre- and post localization.