Fee Structure

Our fee is 20% of the job payment, collected at the end of the work once you get paid.

There are no other fees associated with using ICanLocalize. Sign up, subscription or any other activity is free.

How it works

The client pays a total according to:


Then, from this total, we deduct 20% as fees. The remaining 80% are credited to your account. When you withdraw your payment to your PayPal account, you don’t pay any additional transfer fees. We transfer your credit to your PayPal account and pay for PayPal’s service fee.


A project has 1000 words. Your bid for 0.11 USD / word is accepted.

  1. The client deposits 1000*0.11 = 110 USD when your bid is selected.
  2. When the work is completed (accepted by the client), your account is credited with 110*80% = 88 USD.
  3. When you withdraw this money to your PayPal account, you’ll see 88 USD added to your PayPal balance.