How to opt for your Instant translation to be reviewed

First, you follow the usual steps to create the instant translation project:

Then, you will see a screen with the original text at the top. At the bottom, you will be able to select the languages you want the text to be translated to. And in the middle of the screen, you will see the following:

Translation without Review





If you select the first option, you will just get the translation service, which costs 0.11 USD per word.

However, if you prefer to have not only the translation of your instant project but also a review done by another translator, you should mark the second option. In this case, the review will cost 50% of the translation.

For instance, if you have an instant translation project of 2 words, the translation alone will cost 0.22 USD and the translation plus the review word would be 0.33 USD.

Select the option you prefer and click on ‘Apply’. You will see detailed information:

Job Summary






After selecting the option you want, just click on ‘Create project’, and if you want to make some modifications first click on ‘Make changes’.

The text will be submitted. In case your account has not enough funds, you will get be asked to deposit the required amount to get started.