How to Get Started

To start translating, you will need to use our translation software, called Translation Assistant.

Install Translation Assistant

1) Log in to your ICanLocalize account

2) At the top of the screen, you will see a button to Download Translation Assistant.



3) Install and run it.

When Translation Assistant starts, log in again to your account through it. You will get notifications to your email address when the client sends jobs for translation. You can also see new projects by clicking on the ‘Projects’ tab after logging in to you ICanLocalize account.

Practice project

We recommend that you do a quick practice project to learn how the program works. This is intended to avoid technical errors on live projects.

To do a practice project, add the source and target languages to your account (My Account -> Profile) and provide the required documentation.

After your language pairs have been approved, go to My Account and click on the ‘Do basic training’ link. Our system will generate a practice project for you, which will become immediately available in Translation Assistant. Complete the project and we will provide you with feedback.