How to Exclude Texts from Instant Translation Projects

When creating Instant Translation projects, you can exclude some text from the translation. This is helpful if the text includes special names than need to be retained or just plain text (like addresses) that needs to be kept as-is.

To keep text from being translated, wrap it in double curly brackets. For example:

Our office address is:
{{101 Convention Center Dr.
Las Vegas,

You're welcome to visit any time.

In this example, the address would not be translated and would also not be sent to the translator. Instead, a placeholder will be sent, which will be replaced by your original text when the translation is complete.

The translated text to Spanish would be:

Nuestra dirección de la oficina es:
101 Convention Center Dr.
Las Vegas,

Le invitamos a visitar en cualquier momento.


Adding a description for excluded text

You can also add a description of the text you are wrapping. This will make it easier for the translator to understand what the text is about.

Place || and then the description for the excluded text inside the curly brackets. For example:

Use {{Shrink Pic||program name}} to automatically reduce photo size.

The translator would see:

Use {{program name}} to automatically reduce photo size.

The translated text (to Spanish) would be:

Use Shrink Pic para reducir automáticamente el tamaño de foto.

* Note: the curly brackets will not appear in the translated text.