How to use your own translators

If you have your own private translators and you want to use ICanLocalize’s translation system, follow the next steps:

  1. Create an account at ICanLocalize.
  2. Go to ‘Control Panel’->’Private translators’

Invite Private Translators

3. Click on ‘new invitation’

4. Enter the translator’s name, surname and email

5. Send invitation

Enter Private Translator Information


Before you can start sending jobs to your translators, they need to accept the invitations.

ICanLocalize’s translators need to request the approval of their translation languages and undergo our qualification program to start working with us. Your private translators do not need to do any of that. They just need to accept your invitation.

Once your private translators have accepted your invitation, you can set up different kinds of translation projects for them in ICanLocalize.