Instant Translation jobs in WebTA

Instant translation projects are typically short and simple texts which should be translated in minutes.

You will receive a notification in the Open Jobs area (on the left) whenever an instant translation project is available. For instant translation projects there is no bidding process, the translation is automatically assigned to the first translator that clicks the Start translating button.

You can find the Start translating button by clicking the job name on the Open Jobs section.

When you take the job, make sure the translation is delivered before the time runs out, otherwise the job will be released again and available for other translators.

If the original text contains tokens such as {{T:1}}, you should leave them intact in the translation. You can insert tokens using this shortcut: Ctrl + Alt + [Token number].

Once the translation is done, press the Declare Complete button to submit it to the client.

Instant Translation interface in TA