Localization Projects

Software Localization

What is software localization?

Software localization is the way ICanLocalize brings you the localization of iPhone & Android Apps, etc. Instead of editing in a simple text editor, we’ve automated the entire process. This means that you don’t need to worry about formatting issues and file types.

Before bidding

Before you apply, we suggest that you review the client’s description and respond to that. Clients will prefer translators with previous experience in the field of their applications. If you’re not sure, it’s always better to ask the client for clarifications, before applying for a project.

During localization

Doing the translation

Once you’ve been selected for a project, you’ll get a notification whenever a client adds new texts for translation. All edits are done in our system, using your browser (you don’t need to use Translation Assistant for this).

You will be able to edit each string and mark it as complete. Whenever you mark each individual string as complete, a micro-payment is made to your account.

Please remember that while there may be a reviewer assigned to the project, you have to pay great attention to your translation. Make sure you avoid making spelling and grammar errors and that you’re translating within the context of the project.

You can always use the chat session with the client to clarify any issues related to content or context you may have. Clients appreciate getting questions as it means the translator is doing his/her work conscientiously and does not translate the concepts that are not clear or lack context. Clients will feel that they are dealing with a human translator and that the result will be of the best quality possible. VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure that your browser’s character encoding is set to UTF-8.

Click on “View”>”Character encoding” and select Unicode UTF-8. The client will not be able to use your translation unless this character encoding is selected.


Our system auto-calculates a delivery deadline* based on the number of words. HOWEVER if the client specifies an earlier deadline, you will have to comply with that particular deadline. Then, since this work is typically ongoing, with a first initial version and then updates, delivery deadline may be flexible. Please make a point to discuss with the client on each update which is his/her deadline.

*The system automatically calculates delivery deadline according to this formula:

DEADLINE (in days) = word_to_translate / 300 + 3

This means, translators are expected to translate 300 words per day and are allowed an extra 3 days.


Once the entire text in the project had been translated, we will notify the client his/her project is either a) ready for release or b) review.

  • Translation without a reviewer: Once you have completed the translation and marked each and every string as complete, you will see a message that says that the translation is complete and get an email which notifies you that it’s time to review your work on the application. Clients are invited to upload the screenshots with the localized strings for you to review. Once you have seen the screenshots and checked that everything is coherent and fits the application/website screen and buttons, you need to click on the button “I have completed reviewing the translation” which appears on the top of the project chat.
  • Translation with a reviewer: Once you have completed the translation and marked each and every string as complete, you will need to go back to the project dashboard and click on the dedicated buttons to indicate translation is complete, for the client and reviewer to be notified that the work is ready for review. If the reviewer raises any issues against you, you need to address the matter in a timely manner, come to an agreement with the reviewer on the best localization possible, amend the text accordingly and then close the issue.


Localization projects have a fixed rate of 0.09 USD / word.

Important note

Please remember the review process has been created to bring the client an optimized localization. Remember to address the client ONLY when complementary information on source text is needed. If you are experiencing communication problems with the translator/reviewer, please contact ICL support team.