Arbitration Rules

An arbitration process occurs whenever a project does not progress according to the normal flow, as described in Project progress and payments. An arbitration may be initiated due to:

  1. Client or translator request.
  2. Translator does not complete the project by the specified duration.
  3. Client does not finalize the work within a week from the project’s deadline (not from the time it was actually completed, in case the translator completed the work).

There are two types of arbitrations, as described below.

Mutual arbitration

A mutual arbitration is carried out between a client and a translator. During this process, both can come up with offers to complete the work for a full or partial payment. When one side makes an offer and the other side agrees, the work completes and the project is finalized.

During a mutual arbitration both the client and translator may request that the arbitration turn into a supporter assisted arbitration.

If the two parties cannot come to an agreement in a mutual arbitration, within a reasonable time frame, the arbitration may turn into a supporter assisted arbitration, even if neither the client or translator requested it.

Supporter assisted arbitration

A supporter assisted arbitration is managed by a support staff member (referred to as Supporter). During this process, the supporter raises questions and asks for clarifications from both parties involved in the arbitration (the client and translator). Each party must answer within three (3) days, or the arbitration is automatically awarded to the other party.

During this process, neither the client or translators may make offers. The supporter will gather all the required information and will make a decision regarding the work. This decision will include how much of the escrowed funds are released to the translator and how much are refunded to the client.

You agree that if your projects enter a supporter assisted arbitration, you will reply to the supporter within three (3) days. You also agree that if you fail to do so, the supporter may, at his/her sole discretion make a ruling on the arbitration to the other side, regardless of other circumstances.

You also agree that the results of this arbitration process are final and that neither of the parties involved has any rights to make claims regarding the work in question.

See how to start an arbitration.