Code of Conduct

ICanLocalize is a web portal offering clients and linguists the opportunity to collaborate in full transparency. All linguists, in their quality of translator or reviewer, are expected to respect basic rules of conduct which are:

ICanLocalize has created a documentation center in which you will find all our processes in terms of registration, bids, localization, review, payment, etc. Usage of the site by all translators implies implicit acceptance of those processes. Should you have any questions regarding any of the documents, please contact ICanLocalize support team.


Once a project is accepted, translators and reviewers are expected to collaborate professionally, within the deadline given. Remember, if a project comprehends translation and review, the deadline refers to overall completion of the project and translators are expected to allow enough time to the reviewer, for him/her to complete the review.

Contacting the client

Translators are expected to liaise with clients prior to starting localization of a project and must make sure that:
1- They are qualified for the project
2- They can meet deadline and allocate extra time post-project in case some reworking is needed
3-Context is clear. In case of doubt, revert to the client and ask. It is better to ask for clarification and make sure your translation conveys the original meaning, than assume and get it wrong.

Reviewers are also expected to liaise with clients if they need clarification to deliver a professionally revised localization.

DO NOT involve clients for any issues not related specifically to the localization job at hand. All technical issues must be addressed to ICanLocalize support.


In case any incident arises between translators and reviewers, we urge you to keep them private and, if necessary, contact ICanLocalize support for help. Clients must not be involved in disputes.

If a complaint is filed to ICanLocalize support by a client or a colleague, ICanLocalize will investigate allegations and may decide to terminate collaboration with said translator. ICanLocalize standard procedure to deal with litigation is to:
1- review thoroughly all work completed to date
2- review thoroughly all messages sent to client and/or colleagues
3- review all issues raised
4- establish a direct contact with both parties through Skype or a phone call (failure to accept this clause will lead to termination of collaboration)

Resolution of litigation
a- Complaint is not found justified, no action is taken against any parties

b- Complaint is found justified:

i. Fault is considered minor: a formal warning is issued to the translator against whom a complaint has been raised, and his/her work and behavior will be monitored for 3 months (any additional complaint raised in that time will lead to termination of collaboration)

ii. Fault is considered major: evidence collected shows serious misconduct and collaboration is terminated immediately.

Access to site

Should any translator be found in breach of one of those rules, ICanLocalize reserves the right to no longer grant said translator access to its site and job offers, at its own discretion.

Protocol – does and don’ts
DO behave in a professional manner at all times
DO respond in a timely manner (within 48h) to supporter’s email
DO accept a Skype or phone call if required by any of the staff members with the aim to resolve an issue.
DO address staff in a polite and respectful manner, at all times.
DO contact the support before taking any action in case you’re not sure on how to proceed.
DO let your client know when you are planning vacation and use our Planned vacation tool.

DO NOT raise any criticism against one of your colleagues to clients; this is not a behavior ICanLocalize will tolerate.
DO NOT provide your contact details to clients
DO NOT contact clients outside of ICanLocalize system