Payment Options

Our standard way to pay translators is to transfer money to their PayPal accounts.

This payment option is fast and secure and allows translators to get paid very quickly and conveniently. We transfer the money which the translators have in their ICanLocalize account to their PayPal account.

Today people from most countries in the world can have PayPal accounts and transfer money to their local bank account or credit cards, or they can even request a check.

This table shows countries which are supported:

Country Withdraw to bank account in your country Withdraw to credit card Request check by mail
USA Yes Yes
Australia Yes Yes
Austria Yes Yes
Belgium Yes Yes
Canada Yes Yes
China Yes Yes
France Yes Yes
Germany Yes Yes
Italy Yes Yes
Netherlands Yes Yes
Poland Yes Yes
Spain Yes Yes
Switzerland Yes Yes
United Kingdom Yes Yes
Czech Republic Yes Yes
Denmark Yes Yes
Finland Yes Yes
French Guiana Yes Yes
Greece Yes Yes
Guadeloupe Yes Yes
Hong Kong Yes Yes
Hungary Yes Yes
India Yes Yes Yes
Indonesia Yes Yes Yes
Ireland Yes Yes
Japan Yes Yes
Luxembourg Yes Yes Yes
Martinique Yes Yes
Mexico Yes Yes
New Zealand Yes Yes
Norway Yes Yes
Philippines Yes Yes Yes
Portugal Yes Yes
Reunion Yes Yes
Singapore Yes Yes
Slovakia Yes Yes Yes
South Korea Yes Yes
Sweden Yes Yes
Taiwan Yes Yes
Thailand Yes Yes
Argentina Yes Yes
Brazil Yes Yes
Chile Yes Yes
Ecuador Yes
Jamaica Yes
Uruguay Yes Yes
Bulgaria Yes
Cyprus Yes
Estonia Yes
Gibraltar Yes
Iceland Yes
Israel Yes
Latvia Yes
Liechtenstein Yes
Lithuania Yes
Malaysia Yes
Malta Yes
Romania Yes
San Marino Yes
Slovenia Yes
Turkey Yes
United Arab Emirates Yes

This information was taken from:

Click on the link in case some information has been updated.

Payment schedule

For bidding projects, your account in is credited immediately when the client accepts your work. If the client delays accepting a completed project for more than 7 days, a support person intervenes and will check what is causing the delay. The support person can make a ruling and transfer the money to your account in case no flaw is found.

For Localization Software projects, a micro-payment is done to your account every time you complete a string.

For Instant Translation projects, the payment is credited immediately after completing the work.

For Website Translation projects done on the Translation Assistant editor, the payments will be done every time you finish a new document and click on the button ‘Declare the work as complete’.

Then, you can request to withdraw funds to your account. We make payments once a week to all translators.

Once the money is in your PayPal account, you can withdraw it to your bank account, credit card or have PayPal mail you a paper check.


Our fee is 20%. Please see complete information in the fee structure page.

We cover the fees of transferring the funds to your PayPal account. If you withdraw to a local bank account, there is no fee from PayPal. PayPal charges a fee of about $5, depending on your country, for payments to a credit card or for sending paper checks.