Finalizing Reviews

When you are completing a review, keep in mind that you are the last thing that stands between the translation and visitors. Once you click on ‘Review complete’, the work is published and available to all.

Go through everything

This should go without saying. Only consider completing a review once you have checked all the translation. Make sure that you have gone over all parts of the project if it includes different pages or sections.

Check the translation in its context

It is always important to see the full picture. Make sure you know where the translation will be used and who the target audience is. Assume nothing. If you are not sure, ask the client.

Create issues and follow up on them

When in doubt, create an issue. If you have a question for the client, create an issue asking for clarifications.

If you have doubts about the translation, create an issue for the translator. Be sure to create issues with the right type, so that everyone – you, the other party and us – knows how to deal with them.

Remember that today you are a reviewer, but tomorrow someone else will be reviewing your work. Be polite and work in a constructive manner. Let us know if the other party is not cooperating in a professional manner and we will step in.

Before completing the review, all issues should be closed. Open issues mean unresolved problems.