Spell Check guide for WebTA

In order to guarantee a high quality of the translations, ICanLocalize Web Translation Assistant includes a Spell Check feature.

You can enable this feature at the bottom of the page when translating a project in WebTA:

If you have the Spell Check ON and try to save a sentence with a misspelled word, a dialog window will pop-up to suggest corrections.

You can manually approve any suggestion from the Spell Check Whitelist or add new words to the dictionary. You can also allow the program to Ignore the word to save the sentence as it is.

If you want to go back to the sentence and edit the word yourself, press Cancel.

Add a word to the spell checker dictionary

Note: With the Spell Check OFF you are fully responsible for the accuracy of your translation. By declaring each string as complete, you confirm there are no typos, stylistic or grammar issues in the translation. Review the entire translation carefully before delivering it to the client.