How to create document translation projects

This tutorial shows how to set up document projects in ICanLocalize. You can use them to translate Office documents and anything and other files that you can upload.

Document projects allow you to upload the documents for translation. You choose the translation languages and translators from ICanLocalize will apply for your project.

When you use ICanLocalize’s document projects, you benefit from our escrow system and full quality guarantee.

Step 1) Creating a new document project

Go to Translation Projects -> Document translation and start a new one.

If you have a file for translation, upload it. Describe your project explaining what the translation is intended for and who is the target audience.

Choose the translation languages, enter your budget, translation deadline and release your project to translators.

Step 2) Choosing your translators

Very soon, you will start getting bids from our translators. You can view each translator’s profile and interview them.

Many times, a single translation is all you need. For very sensitive translations, such as legal or marketing material, you would probably want to have a second translator as a reviewer.

If you choose a reviewer, the two translators will work as a team, ironing out tiny details in your project and delivering premium results.

Step 3) Releasing payment

All our translation work is done using our payment escrow system. When you deposit payment, we hold it for you and only release it to the translator when you are completely satisfied. It is very rare to have a project go wrong, but even if that happens, you are protected.

When the work completes and you’re completely happy with the results, you release the payment to the translator.