Use the same translators for all of your projects

Do you already have a project in ICanLocalize and you’re creating a new one?

You can easily invite or assign the same translators that are already working for you in other projects.

General Document Projects

If you are creating a new general (bidding) project, you can invite translators from any of your previous projects with just one click:

Choosing project and inviting

One invitation will be sent to all the translators and they will apply.

The translator/s will be notifed by e-mail and will apply to your project. You don’t need to release the project to all translators.

Software projects

If you are creating a new software project, you can automatically assign all the translators you have working for you in any other of your projects:

Choosing project and assigning

The translator will be assigned automatically to the new software project.

Website projects -WPML

You just need to go to the ICanLocalize blue box, on the Translation Dashboard:

ICanLocalize Box in your CMS

Once you go into your project, you will see the button to invite your ICanLocalize translators:

Invite your ICanlocalize translators to a new website project

If you didn’t associate the website to your ICanLocalize account yet, you can do that on the Translators tab. You have to choose a language pair and click the “Add Translators” button to see the new interface.

There is a button to invite older translators along with the form. After you fill out the form and click the button, you will be taken to the “Invite button” in the project page:








As for general bidding projects, the translator/s will be notifed by e-mail and will apply to your new project.


You won’t need to invite translators one by one for all your languages or get tons of applications.

All will be done with one click!