Adding a Credit Message and Affiliate Link

We’re proud of our translators and you can be too. You can include a link in your application’s About box that says where you got the translations from.

To do this, go to the project page, look for the resource files and check next to “Include translation credit text”.

When you enable this option, our system automatically adds ICL_translation_credit and ICL_affiliate_URL to the translated resource files. For example, a German resource file will include:

/* ICanLocalize credit footer */
"ICL_translation_credit"="Übersetzt von ICanLocalize";

/* ICanLocalize affiliate link */

You also need to add these texts to the resource file in the original language. The project page includes the text in the original language.

Adding to the Application

The best place (we think) to add the credit link is in the app’s About box. Add a link that displays ICL_translation_credit and links to ICL_affiliate_URL.

Any visitor who clicks on this link will arrive at our home page (unless you create a customized landing page).

We will know that you’ve sent these new visitors to us. Any new client that signs up due to this link is automatically associated with your account. We’ll credit you an affiliate commission for any new business we get from that link.

Note: To create a customized affiliate page, go to the ‘Affiliate‘ tab in your ICanLocalize account. A custom affiliate page that says what work we did for you and your impression from working with ICanLocalize can lead to a better conversion rate.