Obligations as Reviewer and as Translator

The Reviewer Obligations

The reviewer has the responsibility of checking the translations done for the client and making sure that everything is correct (style, grammar, punctuation, meaning, etc).

You MUST NOT click on the ‘Close this issue’ button until you reviewed the work thoroughly and, if necessary, asked the translator to go over any problem detected to provide a quality translation. Our clients should be fully satisfied with the work done, including deadlines. 

Remember that, even though clients may not know the language of the translation, they may have people around who understand it well. 

You can obtain more information in Finalizing Reviews

The Translator Obligations

Translators have to do their best and ask for clarifications whenever needed. It is not good to make speculations. When you are not sure, just ask the client. In case you get some issue from the reviewer after completing the translation work, respond to it and go over the issue.

Let the reviewer know when you have dealt with the issue so that he or she can send the complete work to the client.

We are completely responsible for the work delivered!

Note: Either translator or reviewer should close open issues after they’ve been successfully handled.