Review the Right Strings in Software Localization

Many clients upload projects which are partially localized, either by translators outside ICanLocalize or by themselves.

If some strings were translated before the project was sent to you, you’ll not get paid for that. Let’s see how to avoid it. If you open issues for the translator currently working on the project, it’ll be extra work for both of you.

* Of course, clients will thank if you just mention you found some incorrect or inaccurate translations, in case you do. Then clients can send it for review if they want to.

How to avoid reviewing strings that were previously translated

When you go to the project page, you’ll always see a button ‘Next (language) String to Review’.

Click on that and you’ll be taken to the right strings.

Then, in each string screen there are two similar -but different- buttons:  ‘Next string’ and ‘Next string to review’.

If you click on ‘Next string’ you’ll be taken to the following string. You can see who translated it below, ‘This string was translated by…’, but many times, as a reviewer, you may miss this message and open an issue for the current translator. What happens in this case is that the translator gets issues for strings he never worked on and the result is extra and unnecessary work for which payment is not made.

By clicking on ‘Next string to review’ you’ll make sure you go to the relevant strings you actually need to review.

Note: If you have any doubts better always to go to Get Help and contact the support by opening a ticket.