Language Documents

Translators must submit a document which shows their translation skills. These documents must be submitted for languages to translate from and to. These documents are used by staff members only and are not viewable by other users.

Why do we ask that?

Translators with inadequate translation skills produce lower grade work, negatively affecting both clients (webmasters) and translators. To avoid this, we ask that translators submit formal documents supporting their translation skills.

Becoming qualified in a language

You will need to scan a document which shows your translation ability.

We request that you send us a degree or exam result from a known and accepted translation authority. The best reference would be an American Translators Association certification. If you have taken a translation exam from another body, you can send this as well, along with a brief description of this body and how we can find more information about it ourselves.

Your registered name must match what appears in the document that you send us.

Once you have that, log in to your ICanLocalize account, click on the ‘My Account’ tab, select ‘Public Profile’ and click on ‘edit languages’.

For every language that you add, you will need to enter a brief description of your background and include a document. You will be asked to enter the title of the document and select the scanned document from your hard drive.

How long does it take?

Normally, we can review your document within a day.