Time Zones and Deadlines

Time zones

At the bottom of every page on ICanLocalize, you will see a clock indicating the current date and time. This clock refers to the time zone our servers are (GMT+0).
The date and time indicated are our references to calculate delivery deadlines of a project. This ICanLocalize time (often referred to as ICL time) is the time that will have jurisdiction over any arbitration.

Delivery deadlines

Delivery deadlines are stated in ICL Time. If a project requires translation and proofreading, the translator needs to deliver the work in anticipation of the deadline while bearing in mind the reviewer needs to process with the review within the deadline as well. For such projects, the deadline does NOT refer to translation work only.

How the delivery deadline of a project is calculated

The system automatically calculates delivery deadline according to this formula:

DEADLINE (in days) = word_to_translate / 300 + 3

This means that translators are expected to translate 300 words per day and are allowed an extra 3 days.

Delivery deadline for bidding project

Deadlines for bidding projects are set by the client himself on creating the project.

Before you bid on the project, please make sure you can deliver the work within the deadline.

Agreeing on a different deadline

While deadlines are auto-calculated by our system, clients and translators can agree on a different deadline according to the project specifics, whether it is before or after the stated auto-calculated deadline. This needs to be discussed in ENGLISH in the project chat, and agreed upon before the project is accepted.

Automatic reminders

Regardless of whether or not you have agreed on a different deadline than the one auto-calculated, our system will send both clients and translators automated reminders (for instance, when no work has been done on a project for a while or when a deadline has expired and a project has not been declared as complete)

Project not completed, deadline passed

Once a deadline is passed and the translator or/nor reviewer has not indicated work as complete, clients should:
– Liaise with translators/reviewers and agree on a new delivery deadline
– Should this fail or should translators/reviewers not respond to this query, contact the Support team to ask them to liaise with such translators/reviewers
– Alternatively, open an arbitration with or without asking for the help of the Support team.
Once a deadline is passed and clients have not accepted work as complete and released payment in a timely manner, the translator should open an arbitration with or without asking for the help of the Support team.
For more information on opening arbitration, please click here.