Issue Tracking for Software Localization Projects

Software localization projects (iPhone, Android, iPad) count with an issue tracking system that allows to provide high quality work to our clients. Strings can be unclear or lack context sometimes, or you may need to ask for any type of clarification as regards length restrictions, grammatical categories, etc.

Our Issue Tracking System is completely transparent. The three parties involved, that is, client, translator and reviewer, can see the issues opened in a project.

Note: It’s important that translators and reviewers know how to deal with issues correctly.

As for all projects, you can start a new issue when you have questions about the string you’re working on:

Starting a New Issue






Software localization projects allow you to see at first sight any opened issue about the string you’re localizing -in case the client, the reviewer or another translator from a different language opened an issue about the string in question:

Issues Already Opened











This way you’ll avoid asking -maybe- the same question; and client won’t need to respond to the same query maybe 10 times to 10 different translators, or more.

You can open and see what the question/issue is, if that’s the same you need you can just subscribe to it. Once suscribed, you can get all the replies related to that open issue to your email address, or you can see it all in the chat:

Suscribing to Issues

When client replies, you’ll get his/her answer too- avoiding opening unnecessary issues. If you need to open an issue becuase you need some clarification on a different topic, you can still do so. This is how it looks:

All Opened Issues per String










 This functionality attempts to make localization process not only transparent but also more dynamic and simple to all!

Also see what are your obligations as reviewer and translator.