Uploading Already Translated Strings

In order to ensure consistency and a harmonized localization throughout the whole project, we strongly recommend that previously translated strings (by another agency or linguists outside of ICanlocalize) be reviewed, amended and corrected, by the chosen ICanLocalize translators for your forthcoming revisions. That way, ICL linguists will ensure quality is optimal throughout.

Do’s and Don’ts

Revision of already translated strings:  upload your file and its translation into our system, select a translator per language for the task who will go over the entire file, amending strings where needed (at the cost of a normal translation).
Retranslation and review: upload the original source text -exempt of any translation- as a Software localization project and call upon the services of our expert linguists for 0.135 USD per word.
Consistency: call upon the services of the same translator and/or team of translator/reviewer for the same project as each translator has his/her own writing style.

-Upload machine translated texts for review only because as a client you will have to take an active part in the process and fix each string according to suggestions.

How to optimize a text for translation

In order to ensure the translation received matches perfectly the intent behind the source text, do provide detailed comments and/or screenshots. Translating does not simply consist in a word for word exchange between languages, it consists above all in providing a meaning within a given context.

For specific code requirements, prior to the start of localization, give translators instructions for an adequate encoding when applicable. i.e.: for Android apps, translators should add a backslash before apostrophes to ensure correct encoding.

Last but not least, always reply to translator/reviewer’s questions and help him/her clarify issues. Your cooperation will help translator/reviewer find the best translation option and keep the translation as short as possible.