How Translators Review Projects Done in TA

When you log in to your account you will see in the ‘Projects’ section ‘Review jobs you can apply to’. You will get all the notifications of review work in your language pair.

When the translation is ready for review, you will see in the ‘Projects’ section the message ‘Reviews you need to complete’.

If you consider the work is fine, you just click on the ‘Review complete’ button. Otherwise, you need to select ‘Start a new issue’.

You need to select the kind of issue:

  • Original text is not clear
  • Suggestion for alternative translation
  • Translation is incorrect

Then you enter a title for the issue, a description and select the user, as the comment can be for the client or for the translator/s in charge of the project.

Finally, you press the ‘Submit’ button and wait for an answer.

Make sure everything is fine before clicking on the ‘Review complete’ button!