CMS Review and Issues

Translators who are reviewers of CMS projects will get an email notification when the pages in the project are ready for proofreading:

“Project (name of project) completed translation to Spanish and is waiting for your review.

This project is done using Translation Assistant and is already waiting for you there.”

Below this message, you will have a link to the project information page as well as to the project chat.

However, in order to review the CMS project you need to open your Translation Assistant. You log on and will see it under ‘Reviews you need to complete’.

On the left-hand side of the screen, in active projects, you will have access to the page to review:

Review CMS Projects

As a reviewer, you can open the translation and start any issue any time you consider something needs to be fixed or improved, or if you need to ask for clarifications as well. Reviewers cannot modify text, so return to projects:

Click on the project you are proofreading, and you will be able to start an issue:

Starting Issues

From the TA editor you can have access to the issues, too. This is simpler as you do not have to click on the ‘Return to projects’ button.

Project Review Chat

How to Create an Issue

  • Enter the kind of issue

1. Original text is no clear

2. Suggestion for alternative translation

3. Translation is incorrect

  • Write a subject or title
  • Give a brief description of the issue
  • Click on the ‘Submit’ button

Creating an Issue

Closing Issues and Declaring Review as Complete

Once all the issues were dealt with, you must close them and declare the review as complete:

Declare Review Complete

The client will get the complete work after you do so.