How to translate WordPress sites

This tutorial shows how to translate WordPress sites. You will choose the translators for your site. Then, use the Translation Dashboard to send and receive documents.

Before you get started:

WordPress is Running Multilingual
A single WordPress site can run multilingual using WPML. If it’s not installed yet, you need to buy it and install in your site.

If your site is not multilingual yet, you can do it yourself or ask your web developer to do it for you. If you need help, contact us. We can help you with the setup quickly.

Ready? Let’s get started!

WPML’s professional translation overview (3:26)

Step 1) Choosing Translators

The Translation Dashboard screen lets you control the entire translation process. You can choose your translators, send pages to translation and access your ICanLocalize account.

WordPress Translation Management

When you send translations for the first time, you need to choose your translators. Professional translators from ICanLocalize will apply for this job. You can see their profiles, interview them and choose the ones that you like best. They are all great translators, so it is not going to be an easy decision.

Explain to the translators about your business and the target audience. Then, select those translators who have previous experience in your field.

Step 2) Sending Contents

The Translation Dashboard shows the documents in your site. Use the display filter to show only specific pages. Choose the documents you want to translate and you will see the cost for translation. Then, click on the button to send to translation.

Step 3) Getting Complete Translations

Once translations are complete, they will be sent directly to your site. Our system makes sure that translations are ready for publishing. Your pages will always contain correct HTML, we adjust all internal links to other translated pages and synchronize between originals and translations.