Translating CMS websites with ICanLocalize

Getting translation work from ICanLocalize is easy, safe and affordable. We translate for individuals, small businesses and large organizations.

We’ll connect you with professional translators, experienced in your site’s subject. Since our system automates the entire process, translators spend all their time translating. You’ll get excellent work at affordable rates.

  1. Pick translators from our pool of professional translators.
  2. Communicate directly with the translators to get the best writing style.
  3. Send documents to translation from within your CMS control panel.
  4. Enjoy competitive rates our pool of over 2000 professional translators.

Top Translators

Inviting translators to your project

In ICanLocalize, you will find professional translators from around the world. To be accepted, translators must have an academic degree in translation. Then, we monitor translators’ level and rating. Only the best translators stay, so the translators you find here are all top-notch.

Fields of Expertise

There are more than 1000 professional translators in our pool. Different translators are experts in different fields. We will help you find the ones that are best for your website.

When you invite translators to apply to translate your site, you describe the required background and fields of expertise. You will receive applications from qualified translators only.

Manage Translations Easily

Sending documents to translation

Our system takes care of managing translations for your site. All you need to do is choose what to translate.

You can use the Translation Dashboard to send jobs for translations (to the translators you’ve chosen). When translations complete, they appear right back in site, ready for publishing.


Because our translators spend all their time translating, our costs are very low. You can get world-class translation for bargain rates.

Our translators still make a good living, because they don’t have to waste time doing anything else. They can concentrate on translation.

We give professional CAT tools to our translators, saving them a lot of money. This further helps keep translation costs down.

Translation rates are between 0.09 to 0.14 USD / word, depending on the language pairs and required fields of expertise.

Getting Started

To get started, go back to your site, click on Translation Management and click on the Manage translators links. You will see the profiles of translators in that language pair. Then, you can either invite individual translators or ask all translators to apply to translate your site.

For any help, please contact us.