How to Use Formating Markers in Translation Assistant

Some sentences have formating markers. These appear as color lines under text.

For example, see below:

Using formatting markers







These markers can cause different visual formating, links or required text by the client.

It’s very important that the formating markers be applied to the translation exactly the same way as it appears in the original text.


How to apply formating markers

Select the text to which you want to apply the markers. Then you can use the keyboard by clicking Ctrl-T and select the marker.

Or, you can drag the circles, at both edges of the marker, to move it.

Things to watch out for

  • Make sure that formating markers span complete words.
  • If a sentence includes several markers, make sure markers and text match. Use the mouse to hover over the original text and notice the IDs of the markers. Then, verify that the IDs in the translation matches.

TIP: Use the HTML preview to see what it would look like in the website.


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