Spell Checker and String Length

Spell Checker

In order to guarantee high quality of the translated documents, ICanLocalize Translator includes a Spell Checker:

This feature is built-in and it is compulsory for any translated document. Translators must manually approve any exception from the spell check dictionary.

Spell Checker

 You can choose to click on ‘Ignore in this sentence’ or ‘Ignore All in this project’. You can also ‘Replace’ the word by an offered suggestion  or ‘Add’ the word you typed to the list of accepted words. If you click on ‘Done’ without making a selection before, you will see the following:

Correct Spelling Errors

 You are not allowed to mark any sentence as complete if you do not correct spelling errors.

String Length

If a string is much longer than it is in the original text, you will be notified as it may lead to incorrect formating:

Translation Length Check

String length mismatch checks that translation of each sentence is close in length to the original text. This helps keep translated pages properly formatted.