Doing CMS translation jobs with your private translators

When you create the project, you can select which translators to use – from ICanLocalize* or your own.

If you select your own translators, they will be able to view your project and apply for it.

You only need to accept their application to start sending documents for translation.

About fees

There are no fees for using ICanLocalize platform.

You will get your translated documents back automatically to your CMS, ready to be published. Exactly the same as if you had used ICanLocalize translators.

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* ICanLocalize professional translators are carefully recruited by our staff. We ONLY work with certified professional translators who hold a university degree in translation, a MA or PhD in the study of the source language or have passed their ATA tests. In order to ensure top-notch results, ICanLocalize translators ONLY translate into their native language(s).