Setting up a project

You can set up two types of projects in Translation Assistant:

Complete Website Translation

Translation Assistant will read the entire web pages and send to translation. This will include the page header, contents, navigation, footer and any other elements on the page.

You should select this project type if your website is built with static HTML files or with a home made ASP / PHP script.

If Translation Assistant can find the source files on your hard drive, select Local.

  • Home page: Select the index page of your website on the hard drive.
  • Root folder: Select the folder which maps to the root of your website. Normally, this would be the folder holding the index page.

If Translation Assistant should fetch the HTML files from the Internet, select Remote.

  • Web address: Select the home page of your website.

Blog / CMS system website

If your website is built with a blog or other CMS software, choose Translate blog.

Translation Assistant will then fetch individual entries from the blog and send only the posts or pages for translation. It will not translate the header, navigation, ads footer and other contents which are built by the software on the server.

Web address: Select your blog’s home page.