Creating Help & Manual Projects

ICanLocalize makes it possible to translate H&M projects without having to purchase any additional tools nor do any processing on the help files 1.

This is the way it works:

  1. Translation Assistant (our translation software) will read your H&M project.
  2. Translators will translate it using Translation Assistant.
  3. You get back the translated H&M project. It looks the same as the original, but with all texts translated.


  • Your H&M Pro is all you need. No other tools to purchase.
  • The help project is translated incrementally. When you change it, only new and updated texts will need to be translated.
  • Translators cannot break or change the structure of your help project. All they can edit are the texts.
  • You can use your own translators or professional translators from ICanLocalize.

 How to translate H&M projects with ICanLocalize

First, you will need to have an account in ICanLocalize. It is free. To open an account, go to account signup page, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click on the sign-up button.

After you log in, you will see options and you’ll need to select Documents and Plain Texts -> Help and Manual Projects. Then you’ll see instructions and a button labeled Download Translation Assistant. For more info see here.

Download and install it. Then log in to Translation Assistant (TA) using your email address and ICanLocalize password.

Click on the button to create a new H&M translation project:

Create New H&M Button

TA will ask to select the .hmxp file (the project’s main file).

H&M Project Source

Then, you select your file click on ‘Next’ and select the language of the file:

Select Language

You click on ‘Next’ again, TA will scan the project and find the documents it includes. Click on ‘Done’ (you will have the chance of selecting or unselecting particular files and see a word count at the bottom). Now, click on ‘Finish’ and TA will get it ready for translation.

You can edit the strings by clicking on ‘Open’ in the project window adding comments for the translator and/or any string that you do not want to translate:

Editing Project

Next, upload the project by clicking on ‘Upload’ button and complete the project setup. You will need to select the languages to translate to, enter your schedule and your budget (how much you are willing to pay per word).

ICanLocalize will let translators bid on your project. They can bid anything from 0.09 USD to your maximal per word value. If you are working with your own translators, this bidding is not necessary.

Using translators from ICanLocalize

ICanLocalize has a large pool of professional translators who are trained at using our translation system. If you need translation work, they will be happy to do it for you.

Translators from ICanLocalize will bid on your project per word. Our system will calculate the total for you.

When translators from ICanLocalize translate your project, there is no usage fee for the system. You pay only the per-word cost, according to the translator’s bid and the word count.

Using your own translators

To use your own translators, you first need to add them as private translators.

Then, after you have set up the project, you can assign it to one of your private translators. This will bypass the bidding process.

When you use your own translators, you are responsible for paying them for their work. Payment will not be processed within our system.

Doing test projects

You can try out and see how the entire system works without paying anything or spending a lot of time. To do this, the system supports ‘test’ projects.

The last step for creating a project is releasing it to translators. When you release, you can select the checkbox that says it is a test project:

Release Status

Test projects are only available to your private translators (so you need to add them before creating test projects). Once created, you can assign the project to your private translator(s) without any system usage fee.

The private translator can complete the entire test project in a single click and upload it back so that you can generate the translated H&M project.